David Southern - Senior Consultant

David Southern


David has recently moved to consultancy in response to the rapidly changing healthcare environment. David comes to Springboard with a wealth of experience in marketing and business development in the healthcare industry.

David's offering is focused on developing value for the NHS through understanding the environment and the data and thereby helping organisations focus on optimal strategies.

David also specialises in turning strategies into actions using innovative marketing and business development techniques in order to grow organisations.


Relevant Experience

Before coming to Springboard David worked for Napp Pharmaceuticals. Most recently he has specialised in marketing to the NHS as head of NHS Strategy. He has developed industry leading solutions enabling organisations to describe the value they add to the health care sector and hereby increase sales. He has also developed a significant network of associates who enable him to offer a wide range of healthcare marketing services.

David has also has experience as a Senior Communications Manager during which time took the lead in developing, for the first time, the Napp corporate brands and web site.

Prior to this David held the position of Senior Brand Manager where he gained an excellent grounding in marketing, managing and implementing a wide range of marketing solutions with in defined budgets.

David has also worked in business development delivering solutions at board level.

Education, professional training, affiliations and leadership positions

David holds an MBA from The OU Business School and a Diploma in Management Studies.

He is an active member and regular contributor to the Pharmaceutical Marketing Society and a member of the ABPI NHS Task Force.

David speaks regularly on the NHS environment for organisations such as NHS Elect, Pharmaceutical Marketing Society and Henley Management College Pharmaceutical Forum.

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