Justine Manley - Senior Consultant

Justine Manley


Justine’s proven track record working with companies such as Marks and Spencer, Littlewoods, Habitat and Mothercare, has honed her skills in identifying and maximising the commercial value of Design.

Creating journeys that take the customer seamlessly through a positive end-to-end brand experience, within dynamic 2D and 3D propositions and environments, has empowered commercially successful solutions, whether they are in Retail, Leisure, FMCG arenas, Finance, Logistics, or IT.

Utilising her research into customer psychology, future trends and changing social dynamics, coupled with her vast experience of commercial design has led to her creating and Implementing strategic visions and delivering real results that work well – for the customer and client.



Relevant Experience

As Head of Store Environment Design for Marks and Spencer, Justine headed up Design – from strategic programmes such as the ‘Retail Proposition of the Future’ through to individual projects, such as SIMPLY FOOD.

Latterly, as Creative Director at Littlewoods, Justine introduced the re-positioning of a number of household retail brands, such as Littlewoods, Great Universal, Marshall Ward and Additions. In addition to this, the re-branding of the services arms of the business culminated in the merging of two of the UK’s largest logistics businesses; Business Express and Reality into Home Delivery Network Limited.

As Head of Design at Mothercare, Justine led a full brand review of how to retail for this highly specialist and emotionally charged customer experience!
In her capacity as a consultant to a number of businesses throughout the UK and Ireland, Justine has continued to pioneer putting the customer at the centre of the experience by defining brand DNA in a number of different sectors, harnessing it to make online, remote and real estate customer journey’s a more profitable experience – for both the customer and the client!

At Mars Confectionery as European sales Engineering & Information manager, Vivian designed and implemented sales force work studies and call file optimisation.

Education, professional training, affiliations and leadership positions

Holding both a Degree and Masters Degree in Urban Development, Justine has carried out extensive research into Design, Sustainability, the psychological impact of Design and Space.

In addition to this, Justine is a previous member of the editorial board of Retail Interiors magazine, has at on the judging panel of The Retail Interiors Awards, and has given numerous presentations and talks on various aspects of Design and the Customer Experience.

Justine has, for a number of projects, won awards for her Design work at the London International Advertising Awards

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