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Organisations require help when radically changing their commercial strategy:

- Radically different objectives
- New Channels/Markets
- New Organisation shape/size based on new contact strategy
- B2B Customer Segmentation & prioritisation
- Typically delivers a ROI between 6 & 8

Needs Based Segmentation

What is it?

A way to group customers based upon their needs and their potential.
Enables you to place your effort against the customers where you gain the maximum advantage.

What We Do?
- Work out the traits and needs of your customers, identify common links that enable you to group them together.

- Sense check it against hard data.

- Bring the two together to provide a framework that works on hard data (profit, value, volume) and soft data (traits, behaviours and needs).

- Work with you to place the customers onto the framework and understand the implications of working with them in a different way.

- Support the commercial team as they apply segmentation into their everyday way of working.

Distributor / Partnership Development

What is it?

Two or more partners [ distributors or cooperating businesses ] working closely together to achieve something one cannot easily do or chooses not to do alone.

What Do We Do?
We have two tools in this area :

- An end to end Distributor Management and Development programme which covers all aspects of setting up and running successful distributor relationships.

- A partnership management framework against which we assess your partnership arrangements and suggest improvement areas.

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Customer Planning

What is it?

The ability to develop truly strategic customer plans is critical to major customer management.
Delivering objectives through effective Joint Business Plans can deliver step change growth.
Using our ‘inside out / so what!’ approach develops practical plans that happen at the customer facing level.