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Businesses can only deliver superb customer management through their people:

- A management team which understands and prioritises customer management as a route to achieving company objectives
- A commercial team equipped to profitably develop their customers

Challenge Program

What is it?

- An opportunity for management to be challenged/stretched as to their current ways of working in ten “Challenge Workshops” :-
- Strategic Planning
- Strategic Customer Planning
- The Customer Journey
- Customer Lifecycle
- Customer Intimacy
- Category Development/Leadership
- Organisation Design
- Information Management
- Creating Customer Value
- Measuring Customer Management

Bespoke Training

What is it?

- Genuinely bespoke training using company case studies & examples
- Credibility and relevance for the commercial team via investment in thorough understanding & accompaniments
- Specialist expertise in -
- Strategic Customer Planning
- Joint Business Planning

- Negotiation [within long term business relationships] - Category Based Selling
- Compelling Business Presentation
- Project Management for Account Managers