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News Splash, 2nd Quarter 2008

Welcome to News Splash, the newsletter of Springboard Commercial Solutions. Our aim is to provide you with a quarterly update covering new developments in customer management and at Springboard CS. This is the second issue for 2008 so the editorial team here at Springboard CS would like to hear from you! Do you have any comments or issues you would like us to feature in future editions? Let us know at <click here>


“Ensuring the foundations are in place ”


Quite a few companies are still smarting from poorly implemented CRM systems, seeing little overall return from their investment. What has happened to all the talk about Customer Management and CRM?

It hasn’t gone away, businesses have made significant improvements in the way they manage their customers. Information Technology now provides the foundation that enables the management of customer experience. Extensive investment into CRM technology has led to efficient management of relationships, but it can feel a little mechanical and sterile, further more some customers just don’t want to be managed and others just don’t fit into a predefined segment or box.

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“The cost when it goes wrong”

Within this article we use a ‘real life’ example to highlight two things:-

1. The way that Experiences seem to accumulate little by little until they are huge. This can be hugely positive or hugely negative. We refer to this as the Experience Accumulator.

2. The cost to the organisation when the accumulator goes wrong.

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Play the Customer Experience Accumulator

Positive and negative customer experiences accumulate little by little until they feel huge. We’d like our readers to help us gather some anecdotal evidence by entering the Customer Experience Accumulator challenge.

Send us your customer experience stories and we’ll pick out the best one to feature in the next edition. If ‘Good’, what was memorable and what will you tell your friends? If ‘Bad’ where did the gap between your expectation and experience occur and what was your response? The winner will also receive:- a bottle of Taittinger Champagne Send us your experience to enter


Baby Boomers ~ ‘Turn to Bopping’

With so much uncertainty in the financial markets these days, property investment is proving once again to come to the aid of the Babyboomers.

Having made fantastic financial gains in the house price booms of the Eighties and most of the ‘Noughties’, those who survived the onslaught of negative equity in the 1990’s are now sitting on substantial capital, albeit locked in their own properties.

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The Point of Purchase – its all that really matters !!

Here we look at how you can translate your customer strategy into specific objectives at the POP.

We  also bring together other functions to making it happen where it matters ~ at the POP.

Within this article we explore the context, highlight the how and results. <click here>

Our Featured Partner in Newsflash this quarter is Intum.

Intum Ltd is a focused, provider of bespoke Contract Sales Teams.
They are an alternative to in-house resources, offering flexible highly skilled sales teams.
All Intum personnel are trained to the highest level within the Industry and are specialists within each market sector. With years of industry experience Intum benefits from word-of-mouth marketing, contacts, and networking.

A reputation for delivering excellence which delivers outstanding results.

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