News Splash, 4th Quarter 2008

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This is the fourth issue for 2008.

Managing Uncertainty

Mark Hollyoake of Springboard CS, draws on the research, experience and methodology of CxP to make the case for an enlightened approach to customer experience management even when all eyes are on funding and liquidity.

At the beginning of 2008, the main business drivers would have been: interest rates, customer service, and is my money safe. Now 18 months later, its all about availability of funds, security of deposits, and way down the priority list, customer service. But to disregard the customer is a big mistake. For the full article <Click Here>


A statement from the real world A senior manager trying to make sense out of what is going on

A week ago I was just heading off for a week of strategy reviews + "what the hell are we going to do now cash is back in fashion ?".(flip side of a coin that has no debt facility whatsoever).

Mad week ~ Well cash is definitely king for now - capex being reviewed, working capital pressures & a real need to be adaptable at short notice. (we can afford this but not that etc).

New from SCS!

We have recently launched a new website for CxP our customer experience solution.

Have a look @

STAR Academy...Sales Training AND Results

What is it ?

The unique STAR Academy was developed for Danone Waters UK and is a holistic approach to driving improved selling.

The Academy has four elements spanning the full spectrum of levels within the commercial operation :

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With more than 3.5 million questionnaires completed worldwide every year and more than 13,000 qualified users in Europe, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire is the most widely used personality questionnaire in the world. It is based on over 50 years of research and development, and is available in 19 languages.

The MBTI questionnaire describes an individual's personality preferences. It represents these in four dimensions:

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The Power of PROJECTS

In today’s world of both flatter organisational structures and rapid change there is an ever greater need for businesses to be able to successfully execute projects in order to evolve. This is especially true in commercial departments where projects both within and across functions are becoming the everyday norm.

One of our clients came to us recently with a real dilemma – they knew that their sales and marketing team needed to get better at project execution but they could not find any project management training which was pitched at an appropriate level. Upon searching the marketplace they could only find specialist project management courses aimed at highly complex, long term and high budget projects – this was quite simply overkill for the level/type of project their commercial team faced.

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The Edge

One thing is for sure ~ nothing stands still for very long. The pace of change has become incredibly fast, fickle, difficult to manage and enduring. Just as you think you have it nailed, something else comes along and changes the rules of the game.

The edge programmes were born out of a need for business to better understand the dynamics of these changes, making sense out of what’s going on and turn it into competitive advantage.
Focusing on taking insight and turning it into reality. Developing the leadership potential of the management team to extract the insight, validate, commercialise and implement it. A tall order, but our track record proves it can be done.

Be that through the way it manages its people or the way it innovates.

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