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Recent experiences of training major companies across Europe has led the team here at Springboard to re-evaluate our approach to training – especially in the areas of business process.


What were we finding?


  1. That traditional workshop based training in areas such as Customer Planning, Budgeting, Strategic Account Planning and even “Preparing to Negotiate Effectively” were unsatisfactory for both delegates and our facilitators.
  2. That the “template driven” approach to learning business process is too repetitive to encourage high energy workshops – even with experienced and dynamic trainers.
  3. That delegates reported a tendency to switch off half way through events – the process of learning was just too intensive to encourage retention of the key facts.

Based on an honest assessment of the above, we took a long hard look at our training offering and realised that there were two fundamental groupings of training type and that each had distinct requirements for effective training :



SKILLS TRAINING Eg. Selling, Negotiating, Presentation

  • Training Requirements
  • Limited theory
  • Real life case studies
  • Role Play/practice in low risk environment


BUSINESS PROCESS TRAINING Eg. Customer Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting

  • Training Requirements
  • A step by step process
  • Learn to action steps
  • Learn business application/value

Based on the above model we have re-engineered our approach to training – unlike other providers we no longer jump to the workshop option but rather prefer to apply our D.E.A.C. approach to customers’ challenges…


Training Phase



Develop Distance Learning module to train all theory. Delegates walk through each step of the process building their own live example.


Evaluation. Delegates submit their distance learning outputs for assessment. Theory must be proven to have been effectively learned before attendance at an


Application Event. Very different from traditional process training. As the process has been learned in advance the event focuses on BUSINESS APPLICATION and VALUE in a highly interactive BUSINESS GAME format.


Post the application event delegates are offered one on one Coaching time focusing on the further application of the process and any implementation difficulties.


The advantages of this approach are significant :

1. In today’s world where individuals are stretched to the limit it is far more effective to allow learning of process in ones own time and at ones own pace. In addition this avoids long periods of trawling through templates.

2. From the second stage of our process all focus is on APPLICATION and VALUE…the very elements which tend to get missed in traditional training workshops.

3.  There is far more emphasis on the SUCCESSFUL EMBEDDING of the new process as a useful/value adding management tool than in traditional training where the process stops at the workshop.


If you would like to hear about some of our real world success stories or simply to discuss your training challenges please contact Chris Hudd, Director of Training and Development on 0870-2243381 or e-mail chris@springboardcs.com

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